Sunday, November 11, 2007

Leave me alone.

Suddenly, I felt empty in my heart. It just like something in my heart are already gone. But I do not know what is that "thing" has gone missing. What a weird feeling I got.

I am too tired for everything happened in my life. And most of the times, I lost my life's target. I am still wondering around in my life. What am I? Am I a driver without destination?

I saw a lot of peoples are struggling everyday for their daily meals and heavy bills. The funniest thing is, nowadays people are the "worker" of money, including me.

And by the way, I have something to say to those proud persons with cocky face. That is:
"What are you if your family aren't that rich?"
Oh well, stop showing me how rich is your family. Remember this, you are nothing after all if you doesn't have them.

Not everyone was born with silver spoon. What if one day you lost everything? Are you able to stand up at your own? However, thanks god for giving me a healthy body so that I could make my own miracles happen. ;)

I guessed the damn life I had, nobody would ever had it?


Anonymous said...

May I know how old are you currently? Recent grad of have you started working? Maybe we do share the same story to tell

Chan said...

Hi there, I'm 18 this year. Not yet graduated and I am interest if we have the same things to talk about.. ;)

adliex said...

sigh... born in a silver spoon..yeah..y not me huh?lolz

a d v e r t i s e m e n t