Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pathway A, B, C or D?

The e-commerce hosting are now being sponsored by Amit Bachhawad from New Delhi, India. Thanks a lot to him!

I received a phone call from Amit Bachhawad (all the way from New Delhi, India) on 02 January 2008, around 2:35am. He is sponsoring me the hosting, without any terms and conditions. He also said that this is my New Year gift. My first present on 2008, I hope can help him back in something with my knowledge as well. Overjoyed!

the loan from government was failed, I have the following choices.

Pathway A
1. Stop studying at college.
2. Go to work at a better country for 1 to 2 years.
3. Saved enough money, and go back to college / university.

Pathway B
1. Continue studying at the current college.
2. Stop all e-commerce businesses.
3. Working part-time by partnering with US senior and create software.
4. Sell the software in USD and get paid.
5. Continue studying at college / university without worrying tuition fee.

Pathway C
1. Loan from families or relatives, continue studying.
2. After finished studying, work and pay back.

Pathway D
1. Concentrate on all e-commerce businesses.
2. Get revenue and continue studying without worrying tuition fee.

ELSE IF the loan from government was succeeded.

1. Continue studying at the college without worrying the tuition fee.
2. Work as part-time for all the e-commerce businesses.
3. Create some software with US senior and get some extra revenue.

However, dreams don't come true. I should stop dreaming and choose one of the pathway available above.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Reason on why you should have more than 1 PC or laptop.

Okay, let me explain it briefly for you. If you want to do something "bad" on the internet world, you gotta hide your identity for sure. And, restarting your modem to get new IP address is quite useless now, unless you are using a dynamic IP address to surf the net.

Wai Sheng's Own Definition
Primary PC or laptop is being used to do your normal, daily activities. Such as checking e-mails, surfing e-banking website and do transaction, or perhaps offline gaming.

Meanwhile, the second PC or laptop are being used for doing "bad" thing. Such hacking, attacking server or website, storing and installing illegal wares, having a chat on MSN or playing online game.

Yes, even MSN can be hacked, and get your personal information such as location. How? Here is a sample for it.

Image 1: Ask the victim to send you a file. Accept it when he / she do so.

Image 2: Check the IP of the victim.

Image 3: After the file are being transferred, you will no longer see the victim's IP.

Disclaimer: The software name is CommView, I am NOT responsible on how you use this software. What to do with the victim's IP? Go search it at google.

Car crashed and I was dead.

Image 1: The gray box representing the fucking lorry. And I am the red box.

Image 2: Because it was raining heavily, I have no where to go but only hoping the lorry would stop.

Image 3: The fucking lorry did not stop at all. Fuck!

Image 4: I just feel bad after the crash, because the car is not mine. I just don't know how should I explain to my elder brother. I was panic and thinking a solution. What a mother fucker, I need the lorry driver pay for the car's damage!

On 15th December 2007, around 11.30AM. I fallen asleep again at the sofa because I am too tired. And I had the worst "nightmare" of my life.

Usually I drive at 80km/h only, I am not speeding but just the pick-up a little bit faster only (and the muffler sound is noisy a little bit only).

After the accident, I was with my laptop and mobile phone. I quickly took my mobile phone and called my girlfriend. She answered the call, and what I heard is she just crying non-stoply. I was wondering what on earth happened and what is she crying for. I keep talking to her on the phone call, but seems like she cannot hear what I am talking at all.

I quickly turned on my laptop, and what I saw is the pictures of my body. I was dead? Oh my god! The pictures clearly showed on how I was dead. And I was dead immediately after the car crash. My face was horrible, I cried when I saw these pictures.

I kept telling myself, repeatedly with a face full of tears:

I wanted to die for a long time already, I just want to leave this god damn world. But now I just hope I wouldn't die at such a young age. Because I haven't prepare for death yet! I haven't finish my college study, I haven't earn enough money, I haven't fulfill my duty as a son of my parent, or fulfill my duty as a youngest brother of the family. Don't come and take my life!

But then, please don't be surprised if my website / blog would continue after I passed away. This is because perhaps I would do an automatic scripts for my websites / blog. It will automatically make new post (pre-saved), even I was not in this world anymore. Sadly, I won't be replying any e-mail / comment / IM if this really happened.

Monday, December 10, 2007

When the massive attack can be launched?

Few days ago, my friends asked me whether can I hack his computer by just chatting with him over the MSN. And of course I said no because I am not a expert on hacking personal computer.

What is more enjoying is hacking website or attacking server. But then, I had stopped hacking due to some reasons. I would like to think out a idea on how to hack, without being caught. Is this possible?

What I had hacked so far:
CCTV (full administrator access and view-only access) - Damn nice and enjoyable when full administrator access available.
Website (those with super poor security) - Just for fun only, even dummy can hack it.

I also attacked several websites, just want to make it down. But too bad, the damn security of the server, only caused 5 minutes down time. Damn it!

And yes, I am looking forward to hack something nice out there. Perhaps if another hacker who wish to share some ideas with me, can post comment here, and please remember to leave your e-mail address.

For your information, I am still doing research on the "Port Scanning" thing. I hope that I can launch a "massive attack" of SQL injection or DDOS attack soon. Don't blame me for that, we are just telling the world out there on how poor the security can be.

Everything that is connected to the Internet are not safe. I am looking forward to meet other hackers out there. Currently, I only met one hacker from United State, and we are friends right now.

Do not tell me what is wrong and right, or do not suspect me in any cases related with hacking without any proof.

Hackers must stay united, this is only what I have in my mind.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Blogger error.

While I was updating my blog today, this error irritated me. But I didn't complaint to, because I think they would fix it as soon as possible.

a d v e r t i s e m e n t