Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Car crashed and I was dead.

Image 1: The gray box representing the fucking lorry. And I am the red box.

Image 2: Because it was raining heavily, I have no where to go but only hoping the lorry would stop.

Image 3: The fucking lorry did not stop at all. Fuck!

Image 4: I just feel bad after the crash, because the car is not mine. I just don't know how should I explain to my elder brother. I was panic and thinking a solution. What a mother fucker, I need the lorry driver pay for the car's damage!

On 15th December 2007, around 11.30AM. I fallen asleep again at the sofa because I am too tired. And I had the worst "nightmare" of my life.

Usually I drive at 80km/h only, I am not speeding but just the pick-up a little bit faster only (and the muffler sound is noisy a little bit only).

After the accident, I was with my laptop and mobile phone. I quickly took my mobile phone and called my girlfriend. She answered the call, and what I heard is she just crying non-stoply. I was wondering what on earth happened and what is she crying for. I keep talking to her on the phone call, but seems like she cannot hear what I am talking at all.

I quickly turned on my laptop, and what I saw is the pictures of my body. I was dead? Oh my god! The pictures clearly showed on how I was dead. And I was dead immediately after the car crash. My face was horrible, I cried when I saw these pictures.

I kept telling myself, repeatedly with a face full of tears:

I wanted to die for a long time already, I just want to leave this god damn world. But now I just hope I wouldn't die at such a young age. Because I haven't prepare for death yet! I haven't finish my college study, I haven't earn enough money, I haven't fulfill my duty as a son of my parent, or fulfill my duty as a youngest brother of the family. Don't come and take my life!

But then, please don't be surprised if my website / blog would continue after I passed away. This is because perhaps I would do an automatic scripts for my websites / blog. It will automatically make new post (pre-saved), even I was not in this world anymore. Sadly, I won't be replying any e-mail / comment / IM if this really happened.

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