Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Reason on why you should have more than 1 PC or laptop.

Okay, let me explain it briefly for you. If you want to do something "bad" on the internet world, you gotta hide your identity for sure. And, restarting your modem to get new IP address is quite useless now, unless you are using a dynamic IP address to surf the net.

Wai Sheng's Own Definition
Primary PC or laptop is being used to do your normal, daily activities. Such as checking e-mails, surfing e-banking website and do transaction, or perhaps offline gaming.

Meanwhile, the second PC or laptop are being used for doing "bad" thing. Such hacking, attacking server or website, storing and installing illegal wares, having a chat on MSN or playing online game.

Yes, even MSN can be hacked, and get your personal information such as location. How? Here is a sample for it.

Image 1: Ask the victim to send you a file. Accept it when he / she do so.

Image 2: Check the IP of the victim.

Image 3: After the file are being transferred, you will no longer see the victim's IP.

Disclaimer: The software name is CommView, I am NOT responsible on how you use this software. What to do with the victim's IP? Go search it at google.

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