Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pathway A, B, C or D?

The e-commerce hosting are now being sponsored by Amit Bachhawad from New Delhi, India. Thanks a lot to him!

I received a phone call from Amit Bachhawad (all the way from New Delhi, India) on 02 January 2008, around 2:35am. He is sponsoring me the hosting, without any terms and conditions. He also said that this is my New Year gift. My first present on 2008, I hope can help him back in something with my knowledge as well. Overjoyed!

the loan from government was failed, I have the following choices.

Pathway A
1. Stop studying at college.
2. Go to work at a better country for 1 to 2 years.
3. Saved enough money, and go back to college / university.

Pathway B
1. Continue studying at the current college.
2. Stop all e-commerce businesses.
3. Working part-time by partnering with US senior and create software.
4. Sell the software in USD and get paid.
5. Continue studying at college / university without worrying tuition fee.

Pathway C
1. Loan from families or relatives, continue studying.
2. After finished studying, work and pay back.

Pathway D
1. Concentrate on all e-commerce businesses.
2. Get revenue and continue studying without worrying tuition fee.

ELSE IF the loan from government was succeeded.

1. Continue studying at the college without worrying the tuition fee.
2. Work as part-time for all the e-commerce businesses.
3. Create some software with US senior and get some extra revenue.

However, dreams don't come true. I should stop dreaming and choose one of the pathway available above.


Fun said...

Cos I dun like give up in half-way.N borrow $ with relative is ok to me ,cos i 'm not borrow for pay loan shark but study.So, i will. N then u r studying in IT for E-biz... u sign contract alrdy if u just leave it u will be bad name in this.If u just give up in half way , then u spend alrdy for study fee n time thr, then rugi too... so my suggest is continue...

miao said...

just dont borrow from along will do. i face same case like u.. fail to get money from government to study and thats y i stuck at my diploma till now. i love IT thingy and how i wish i could study full time about it. 1 day, i hope i have the chance.

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