Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lecturer wake us up.

Yesterday, our Lecturer has wake us up by scolding us for almost 5 minutes. Now already week 7 of our new semester, but honestly, none of us has printed out the "Module Teaching & Learning Guide" (also known as filo-text). 11 students inside the class but nobody has it, including me.

I have chatted with Ravin (my classmate) just now, he said that he afraid to thinking about his future. He added he leave to god and will accept what he get in the future.

What I say to him is: "If you want to know about your past, look at your present situation. If you want to know about your future, look at your present action." This is a quote by someone famous, but I really forgotten who is him / her. I saw these when I was in secondary school.

I added: "Eyes are in front of us because we have to look forward, not our past." I also asked back Ravin did he remember what the lecturer told us last week, a special question that make a deep impact in my mind.

At first, Mr Din asked all of us, what did we target for the final exam for E-Commerce Concept. When is my turn for answering the question, I hestitated a few seconds to answer the question. Such a simple question, yet I was not dare to answer it straight forward enough. Why? I afraid of losing, I don't want people say I am someone who just talk big only. So after thinking for a while, I answer with: "Sir, I target for C or B only."

Our lecturer asked us why so afraid to answer this simple question, and then Mr Din told us that: "To target something better is free, so why don't you all target to get A or A+ in all the subject? It is absolutely free, you don't need to pay even one cent, so why don't you all just target it the best?"

Honestly, I feel shame today when I go to the library and print the filo-text out. The lecturer at Library asked me: "You print so many thing, is that your assignments?"

I was so ashamed when I need to tell him that is my filo-text, which I, as a student supposed to print it out during the first week of this semester.

Ravin agreed to what Mr Din scolded us as well. He said that:
"We doing nothing when we go to the college, just come and go only. No notes or textbooks, nothing at all. Just realised that day when Mr Din scold us. If in the end we get bad marks, we blame our lecturer. No point at all, we should blame ourself, really shame of it."

Honestly, for me if if I am addicted to gaming, clubbing or idling the whole day without doing something that would bring benefit, then I am really a society rubbish.

*Note for my classmate: Mr Din already wake us up, are you still dreaming? WAKE UP!

Ravin recommended a website for finding information for our assignment.

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adliex said...

=_=" honestly when my lecturer ask me wat i target for my subject last time in college..

i said..

i want PASS only


a d v e r t i s e m e n t